Modern Maps with the latest technology!

Heexy maps work on the most modern technology possible in the current year, we use several possible ways of obtaining data

Our maps are secure and very fast, we have a very minimalistic design and web interface which is very nice and simple, and so many features.

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Why is it so great?

But why use Heexy maps? Heexy is a company founded in the Czech Republic by students who want the internet to be a safe place and that is why Heexy is completely private. We do not share or hack your data anywhere, we use the most modern technologies that go with the times and much more, read all the benefits next to it..

Maximum Privacy

We do not use any trackers and all data is never monitored, and we do not sell your data!

Modern Technology

We use modern technology to rendering and calculate data in our maps!

Minimalistic Design

Our maps are minimalistic and very pleasant to use with a beautiful design.

Easy to use

You don't need to have a brain like a watermelon, our maps are really easy to use.


Looking for a way? No problem use our navigation services that can navigate the best and shortest and safest way!

Speed and accuracy

Speed is important and so is accuracy, which is why we have extremely fast searches with the highest accuracy.

So much data

We have millions of data from all over the world, our map has data from multiple sources and that's what makes it so accurate and great!

Constant updates

We are constantly improving and fixing bugs that users don't like or have reported.

Community means a lot to us!

We solve what the community likes and dislikes every opinion and feedback is extremely important to us, thanks to this we are able to fix and add great features thank you community!

Open source

Heexy has some Open-source services and features so you can see our code

Users trust us

Users trust us that's why we already have 50 users who trust us we have 4 years of experience and users trust us.

So much language...

Heexy is constantly being translated and improved to be available in more countries, that's why we translate our maps too!

Heexy Maps Api Pricing

Any company that uses maps can use our services! we use the most modern technology for the best map viewing experience, we use many data sources for the best experience.


Best option for personal use & small projects.

$0 /month
  • Accurate data, without any limits.
  • Requests per month: 100,000/month
  • Limits: Copyright attribution
  • Users: 100,000/month
Cooming Soon..


Relevant for multiple users, for popular websites.

$? /month
  • Accurate data, without any limits.
  • Requests per month: ∞ UNLIMITED
  • Limits: Nothing
  • Users: ∞ UNLIMITED/month
Cooming Soon..

"All my life I have longed to finally make a service that would allow people to be in maximum privacy and work great and better than the competition, I always cared about the feeling of the users, everything must be quality and modernly done."

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Daniel Meloun CEO of Heexy